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After several years of business leadership and assistant ministry, the Strongs opened the local church doors in 1996 in a rented storefront near downtown. When the city declared Eminent Domain on the entire property three years later, it appeared the church doors would need to close.


But God had a plan, leading a few praying women to an abandoned convenience store on the edge of town. The building and property would require a complete remodel. Faith made way for works and in six busy weeks, church services resumed in a new sanctuary.

By 2002, God had brought revival to the community and new families at ALM. Disciples making disciples, the name of Jesus was magnified through the lives of those starting to attend. A larger sanctuary was needed so the current sanctuary was built along with additional classrooms. These continue to be a place of salvation, miracles and encouragement for men and women of all ages.

After many years of faithful leadership, the Strong's retired from their pastoral role in 2018. It was a smooth transition for our new Pastor, Keith Glenn, as he and his wife, Kim, have been ministering in the local church for many years. Holding to the same old paths, the church vision remains the same - the whole gospel to the whole world, starting right here at home.

Apostolic Lighthouse Sanctuary 2


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